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Peter is home! Peter is home!

Best day ever. Enough said. IMG_3949


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Skype is a Lifesaver


Skyping with my dog Charles

I am amazed at how much joy Skype has given me since moving across the country. I Skype/Facetime with my family about every other day. Sometimes all I want to do is go to my parent’s house and just “hang out.” With them passing around the iPad and sometimes forgetting where they put it when they set it down so I can see my dog…. it almost feels the same as being there. The phone is great…but seeing them is amazing. Part of my love of Skype comes from the fact that my father is deaf. Skype has allowed him to read my lips when I am talking and I am so thankful for that. It was hard leaving Seattle knowing that I probably wouldn’t get to talk to my dad that often besides texts and emails. My brother is also staying at my parents house right now so I have gotten to see him interact with my parents and it makes me feel like a kid again 🙂

We also Skype with Tucker’s parents and some of our friends. We have been able to do it on a regular basis… and it helps us feel like we aren’t missing a beat. I am SO thankful for this wonderful technology.

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