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One time, and one time only

Our comprehensive exams are over. I was told on day one of grad school that we would have to do an oral comprehensive exam. I basically went into panic from that moment on. I don’t think a day, let alone an hour has gone by that I hadn’t thought about taking this test for the past year and a half. Saying that out-loud/typing it makes me sad that I could let something so trivial suck so much joy out of my life. I tried so many times to tell myself it wasn’t I big deal. I KNEW it wasn’t a big deal… but that didn’t matter, I was terrified and nothing was stopping that. I had such supportive family and friends encouraging me as I talked their ears off with my anxiety. Friday… those 20 minutes I dreaded came to a head and I did it and its over… and I feel like I am on top of the world. God got me through it and that is all there is to it, I wish I could trust Him more rather than turning to anxiety…something I will work on. He has never let me down before and He didn’t this time either. So thankful I can be the carefree version of myself again. Please remind me that I SHOULD NEVER GO TO GRAD SCHOOL AGAIN! just incase I forget

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