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I am looking into becoming a Listening and Spoken Language Specialist to do Auditory-Verbal Therapy. This would would allow to me to work specifically with children who are deaf and hard of hearing through using the technology (Hearing Aids and Cochlear Implants) and focusing on listening so they can have an opportunity to learn spoken language. Auditory-Verbal Therapy also focuses on helping these children through helping and advocating for them to get the same experiences and opportunities that the hearing world has socially, in their education and in their future vocations. I am passionate about helping people with hearing loss and it is why I am in the field of Speech-Language Pathology. I just took my first step today in the process of potentially getting certified- I sent out an email asking for more information on certification :). It was a small step, but it was my first one, none the less. It is a long, extensive process, and honestly the thought of another “process of certification” after grad school seems…well, truly exhausting but I am passionate about it and don’t want to let this opportunity pass up if it seems right for me. There are only 500 therapists in the world specialized in this and there is a demand for it. Please be praying for guidance as to if this is the right path for my career and strength and motivation if it is. Here is a link to a short ASHA blog post about Auditory Verbal Therapy if you are interested in reading a little more about what it is



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