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Start of the Goodbyes

Our wonderful friends from City on a Hill Church put together a goodbye bbq at a park nearby. It had Boston themed food including Boston Creme cupcakes made by the lovely Mayra. We played kickball, lounged in the sun, ate LOTS of food, played with Riggins and our beloved golden-doodle friend Cooper. We will miss everyone so much. The bbq was the perfect day. It was also the day it started to sink in that we are moving away. I have been so excited about finishing grad school that it hasn’t sunk in how much we will miss Boston and our friends. I better get ready to say goodbye to the Sun too……..


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Summer Love


the little park across the street from our apartment

Boston’s summer is pretty great. The best part is that it starts so early! My school got out for summer break on April 26th and the weather was in the 80’s! There are so many sunny days in a row. I am having a hard time adjusting to the fact that if I am busy on a sunny day and can’t be outside… it is not the end of the world because it will be sunny the next day! As fantastic as this summer has been so far… there is this thing here called humidity…. and it is pretty crazy. It makes my hair bigger than I even knew was possible…It is pointless to shower because you feel sticky within two seconds… I feel like I am in a rain forest! It is a new found love that I have about the Pacific Northwest not having humidity.

I miss bbq-ing with friends because everyone here lives in apartments that don’t have decks. It is really sad! Luckily, there is a little park across the street that I can at least use to sit out in the sun (I’ve seen some sun bathers in their swimsuits out there… but I am not that brave).

Tucker and I are headed to the beach tomorrow for the first time out here, we are excited to see what the East Coast has to offer!

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Time for a New Home

our current apartment. the “garden level” black door to the right is ours

Finding a new apartment is a challenge in Boston. We hate our apartment we are in now, and that is an understatement. Let me make a small list of the grudges we have against it:

1. Zero sunlight enters this dungeon.

2. We hear the mice come out to play at night.

3. The mold from the apartment makes me constantly sick and I have basically lost my sense of smell.. hopefully temporarily.

4. Our landlord said it was  a dog friendly apartment and has changed his mind.

5. We get the NASTIEST bugs here.

6. Our ceiling has leaked through in multiple spots.

7. Last but certainly not least… our boiler goes off every 30 minutes and vibrates the walls. This left us no choice but to move our bed away from the wall it shared with the boiler. However, this means our bed is in our living room 😦

Somehow our landlord rented out our apartment already for next September. We had someone show up at our door to preview our apartment in January, and this was before we had even told our landlord we weren’t going to renew the lease. Annoying. But thankfully it got rented out despite our queen size bed sitting in our living room..and that means no more people showing up to look at our apartment!

We may have found a new place for September! (yes….. it is March) It’s a couple blocks down the road from our current place…top floor….sunny as can be. DOG FRIENDLY! cute…bay windows….paint-able… and just the perfect apartment! We find out soon if our application got approved. We have already been turned down once so we are praying hard. We hope this next part of our journey includes a little more of that Boston sunshine that we love so much.

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9/1: Boston’s epic moving day

The big move. We moved to Boston on August 26, 2011. We flew to NY where Tucker’s parents live. We stayed there for a few days and then drove from there to Boston with only our suitcases full of clothes. We got into Boston on the evening of September 1st. The day might not mean much to people reading this… but to Bostonians that date means A LOT. It is moving day for Boston. Every lease is on a 9/1-8/31 lease and this day is what our broker called a sh*t-show. Mattresses laying on the sidewalk, piles of trash stacked up on the curbs, hours and hours worth of traffic, funiture being lifted by ropes into 3rd story apartment windows. We had to pick up our apartment key from the broker’s office that night and  traffic was so bad that I got out of the car walked a few blocks, got the key, walked back to our car and the car hadn’t even moved an inch. After an hour and a half of driving around to find a parking spot, we parked and walked to our apartment. We unlocked the door to find a dirty, empty apartment. We slowly unpacked, with nothing but clothes and an air mattress. We ended up walking around looking for garage sales and furnished our apartment from a single garage sale. We scrubbed our apartment and slowly it started to kind of feel like home. It was a moving experience like NO other, and it is pretty funny to look back at. However, it is not so funny to think that September 1st is going to be approaching sooner than we know it.

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