Big fall

the day we got Charles

the day we got Charles

My sweet little Charles fell off my parents two story deck. He is the sweetest dog that is terrified of heights and he fell off a two story deck. He was put on the deck for minute…my dad was inside.then my dad saw on the security camera that Charles was all of a sudden in the backyard (there are no stairs off of the deck). Still don’t know what happened…My dad ran to him and he curled up in my dads arms and they went straight to the vet. The vet was shocked there was nothing but a scrape. A SCRAPE! By the grace of God he come out of it with a little scrape on his snout. I am so thankful for God protecting my puppy (my parents’ puppy…although I will never stop calling him mine) and I can’t wait to get home to Seattle in May and give him the biggest hug. Thank you God!


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