Seattle Summer

parent’s deck

I LOVE Seattle in the summer time. LOVE it. So, when I found out that I had a month off at the end of summer…I knew right were Tucker and I were headed. We had so much fun, too much fun. We ate at all our favorite spots:
Nikos Gyros in Magnolia (chicken sylvlaki salad and greek fries)
Thai Toms in the U-District (tofu yellow curry)
Paseo’s in Fremont (cuban sandwhich)
Palisade’s in Magnolia
Maggie’s Bluff in Magnolia
Piroshky Piroshky at Pike’s
and of course my dad’s BBQ
we hung out with family, friends, went camping, went fishing, went shopping, layed out on the deck, played with the puppies, went to Pike’s and enjoyed every second of it all. It was so hard to leave. It didn’t rain once…. Isn’t the reason I was okay with leaving Seattle was because it rained all the time… rain to sun…. anyways it really was hard to leave.


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