Cowmans on the East Coast

ImageMom and Dad at Moogy’s where Tucker works

My parents came to Boston in July and we also took them to NYC for a weekend. They had never been to the east coast besides a trip to Georgia for Peter’s Ranger ceremony. It was a hot week that they were here but they held up well despite no A.C. in our apartment. Charles came too…. It was fun having the puppies together but Charles wasn’t a happy dog while he was here. It reassured my decision to leave him in Seattle when we moved out here. We did the freedom trail, ate out in the North End, swam at the Chestnut Hill pool, went to dog parks, did lots of walking, showed them the colleges, watched the blue angels, watched a spectacular firework show on the 4th, and gave them their first subway riding experience. In NYC, we took the staten island ferry, walked around central park, ate bagels, saw wall street, saw the new freedom tour and ground zero, rooftop view of the empire state building, grand central station and much more that I am forgetting. It was a fun trip and I look forward to them returningĀ 



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