Nothing is Easy in Boston


I’ve been hearing this saying from friend after friend here lately, “Nothing is easy in Boston.” It is what I have been saying since the day we moved here. I am liking Boston more… But since I promised myself I would make this blog a journal I could look back at… I have to document this experience I had

I was driving to my clinical placement in March and was driving in what they call the “carriage lane” (basically a lane separated from the road by a cement curb that you pull into when you are looking for parking or turning) I was maybe half a block from the apartment when someone pulled out of a parking spot and hit my car and pushed the car into the curb barrier. We pulled off the road and got in a slight argument so I decided to call the cops to file a report so I wouldn’t blamed for such a black and white accident.

Let me tell you why you shouldn’t get in an accident in Boston

1. The cops don’t file a report unless there is a serious injury. I had to BEG them to come to the accident site. Mistake #1. They did nothing

2. The rental car you will get will be the size of a Boat.

3. The rental car will not have resident parking or a parking sticker for school.

4. You will drive around for at least a half hour every time you want to park at home because everything is resident parking

5. MA is a no fault state so they expect your insurance to pay even if it was clearly the other persons fault.

6. Insurance is already way more than double what I paid in Seattle. It is risky to get in an accident and have that insurance end up costing double your rent.

6. It will take FOREVER for the insurance to agree to pay. Months.

I drive more careful than ever before because of how big of a hassel one TINY accident with no injuries was. I am thankful that God got me through it all and taught me some lessons through the experience. I like to think I am getting thicker skin by the day here 🙂


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