Trusting God

my brother Peter in Afghanistan

My brother is in Afghanistan. He left in March and will be back in December. It is a weird feeling having him so far away and in harms way on a daily basis. Having a brother in war puts the decade long war in a whole new perspective for me. It is hard for me as I realize how skewed the media is. We keep hearing “the war is almost over, we are pulling out”….which may be true but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still as hostile as ever or as big of a deal as ever. I have learned how to trust God more and to pray more because praying is a powerful thing that I can do while my brother and others are overseas. I read an article recently that said, “the dumbest thing I have ever said is ‘all I can do is pray’.” The article really hit me because I say that ALL the time and it really is the dumbest thing I could say. All I can do is pray? as if that is such a little insignificant thing? Praying to our all-mighty, all-knowing, POWERFUL God is the best thing we could ever do. I love and miss my brother very much but he is doing something so brave and so wonderful for our country and I am so proud of him. I will keep praying knowing that our God knows what He is doing.


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  1. MARK

    Well said Tanya!

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