Losing a Generation

I had three grandparents pass away this semester. I am left with no more grandparents to share life with. I truly lost a generation in my life. My Grandma passed away from a long battle with Alzhiemer’s a few days after I moved away from Seattle. Two weeks later, her husband, my Grandpa…passed away from a very short battle with lung cancer. It was sudden and devastating. I flew home for their combined funeral. It was romantic and so incredibly sad. I grew a lot through being away from my family during this time and getting to rely on my husband. The holidays were hard without them and it was weird to fly home and not have my Grandpa there to talk to about my adventures in Boston and being married. The day before I flew back to Boston, we got a phone call from my aunt saying my Nana was in the hospital, fighting hard with her lung disease. I was able to spend the day with her in the hospital and say goodbye, but she went to heaven the day I flew back to Boston. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to fly back for her memorial due to grad school commitments. I expected a lot more years with them, but God had another plan. It is hard to think about not having grandparents on earth anymore, but I am so thankful they have restored bodies and are living it up with Jesus together. They left a BIG impact on my life and I hope I can live up to what they hoped for me to become.


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