21 days to remember

August 20th 2011 was the day I had dreamt about my whole life. I got to marry the boy that God made for me. It was a whirlwind of a month and it was perfect. He proposed on July 31st 2011, leaving me 21 days to plan a wedding. By the grace of God, and the grace of my wonderful friend Dani… our wedding was the wedding of my dreams. The ceremony in the church my mom grew up in….the reception in my parent’s backyard with my dad bbqing for all the guests. It was Father of the Bride reincarnate. My mom was busy taking care of my grandparents during this time..but was gracious enough to listen to me get excited about each and every detail I was quickly planning. I did ask two things of her:
1. She had to go with me to buy my wedding dress.
2. She had to watch Father of the Bride with me before my wedding (an old family favorite)
Those were two of my best memories during the whirlwind I call my engagement. My friend Dani and I ran around Seattle every chance we had collecting as many decorations as possible. Ikea soon became our best friend… and Jo-ann Fabrics soon became our worst enemy. My friend Janessa was getting married two weeks after me, and was a great help with wedding planning advice (considering she had been engaged for a bit longer than I 🙂 ) My mom, cousins and aunts were my everything on the wedding day because they played every “hired role” imaginable: Caterer, DJ, Wedding Coordinator, EmCee…you name it and they were doing it. I have been told by many people that it didn’t seem like a wedding that was pulled off in 21 days, and its because I am surrounded by wonderful, compassionate, loyal friends and family. It was truly a night to remember.


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